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Health, wellness, wellbeing — inspiration bourgondisch Limburg:

Turn this day into OPPORTUNITY
It is up to you
to turn this day
an opportunity for
renewal and
a new beginning

BEAUTY Art O’Living
Your Wellness Journey

BeYou, BeBeautiful, BeAstonishing
Being your best self, living in connection with yourself and with others is of essence.
Love is important. Self-love is important. Love is the glue. Love connects. Love for music. Love for culture. Love for eachother.
If you want to live the good life, and you are in need of coaching & counseling, you can call our office: T: +31 (0)45-5461260

This inspirational Monday.
A wonderful example of a supa-trupa inspirational artist talking on self-love. She’s been doing a lot of soul-work and soul-care and she has been blowing us away with her music for years. She is: the gorgeous Alicia Keys. “I’m finally to a place where I’m comfortable expressing myself however I want. NOBODY can tell me how to do me!”
Woahhh Alicia, you go lady, respect! Read it all here:

© Bob Sinclar, Ft. Steve Edwards - World Hold On (Fisher Rework) (Official Video) Youtube

“Baby, you can find me under the lights
Diamonds under my eyes
Turn the rhythm up, don't you wanna just
Come along for the ride?…”

© Dua Lipa - Dance The Night (from Barbie The Album) Youtube

Dancing Shoes Article,
this week:

Fitness Trend,
this week: Barre Workout.
Body Sculpting door een combinatie van Ballet, Pilates en Yoga.
Try it, you’ll love it!
Good food, never lies. Good moves, never lie. Lifestyle-training bij Psychomarker Consulting, never lies.
Exactly, je raadt het al, ik houd van ze alle drie. Probeer het gewoon, ook jij zult het waarschijnlijk een geweldige work-out vinden.

BEAUTY Art O’Living
(Click the links, to find the treasures underneath them.)

“Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.”
You are ENOUGH. Your are BEAUTIFUL. You are YOU.
Believe - Achieve - Succeed
Why don’t you write yourself a LOVE-letter this week.

Have a healthy, joyful, succesful week!
Out of Your Head into your dancing shoes … Let
s Go Girls! Come On Dance With Me!

Living in connection with yourself and in connections with others |
Leben in Verbindung mit dem eigenen Selbst und in Verbindung mit Anderen | Leven in connectie met jezelf en in connectie met anderen

Health, blessings, wealth, clean air, all the beauty and all the little things people just take for granted… Take nothing for granted and cherish the little things.
Gezondheid, zegen, weelde, schone lucht, alle schoonheid en alle kleine dingen die mensen vanzelfsprekend vinden… Neem niets aan als vanzelfsprekend en koester het kleine.
Gesundheit, Segen, Reichtum, Glück, Erfolg, saubere Luft, alles Schöne und Gute und alles Kleine… Halte nichts für selbstverständlich und hege all das Kleine.

Liefde is belangrijk - L’amour est important - È l’amore che unise - L’amore è importante
Láska spojuje - Liefde verbindt - Die Liebe verbindet - Love connects - Miłość łączy
Liefde voor Jezelf - Liefde voor de Ander - Liefde voor Muziek - Liefde voor Cultuur & Sport
Love for Yourself - Love for Others - Love for Music - Love for Culture & Sports

Embrasse-moi - Ti abbraccio - Embrace yourself - Embrace the other one. - Omarm jezelf - Omarm de ander - Umarme dich Selbst - Umarme den Anderen.

Ieder van ons ontvangt de kans om ons innerlijk elke dag te vernieuwen. Elke dag geeft jou nieuwe kansen om psychologisch vernieuwd te worden. Jij bepaalt; als jij dat wilt en het gebeurt.
Elke dag is een nieuwe dag. Elke dag is een nieuw begin. Elke nieuwe dag ben jij onderweg in jouw heelproces.
Elke dag is er een nieuwe kans om deze dag bewust waar te nemen. Telkens weer een nieuwe kans om bewust bétere keuzes te maken in jouw nieuwe leven.

Each Day A New Day
Former Beginning’s End
The New Beginning

EACH NEW DAY is a journey towards healing. Every day we are given a new chance to be renewed psychologically. Every day a new day, in which our spirit is lifted towards new beginnings.
Take this chance and embrace this day consciously. These new days preparing you, will give you the strength and the wisdom to make better choices for yourself, for your loved ones, for each one of your neighbours, for each one of your brothers and sisters, for each animal, for each plant, for each element of nature, for the planet and for God.

Stay Healthy
Never Give Up
Be Bold
Please Be Well! 💕

Auteur: José, J.L. Daemen,
Uw vertrouwd adviseur / counselor / coach / trainer