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Psychomarker Consulting

Practice for Counseling & Coaching | Daemen Mediation

Welcome to Psychomarker Consulting
Practice for Counseling & Personal Coaching

Psyche - MIND, BODY, SPIRIT | Physical and Mental Balance
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“Can I take you for a psychological walk with me through nature?” ~ J.L. Daemen

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We differ by distinctive features in combining a large curriculum in health care and a wide experience, with counseling and (cognitive) coaching. In our guidance and support we focus on helping men and women of all ages and in all stages of life.

In our counseling as well as in our (cognitive) coaching we will together (one-on-one) guide you to the next steps in your life and create a blueprint of your best self, helping you to work through challenging issues and uncertainty; whether this is within your personal life or within your career.

Counseling / Personal Coaching
J.L. Daemen is employed as counselor and (cognitive) coach within our practice; in addition, she is a mediator. As such, she has a high level of qualification and a wide area of interests. (For further details we refer to our "reference-page".) In your sessions she will be your conversational partner and motivator based on equality (one-to-one relationship).

In her capacity as counselor and personal-cognitive-coach she will help you to (re)discover your inner strength and the power of your own unique personality and abilities.
Mutual respect and trust stands as a base to our advise in a one-on-one setting, just as personal experience and the development of our clients-centered advise.

An effective coaching relationship is based on equality between you and your counselor/personal-cognitive-coach.
Goals and action plans will be defined and developed within your own values, principles and time-schedule. This will allow you to work within your own time frame, creating more choices, developing new opportunities, enriching your personal life and beyond.

Whatever life may throw your way, working with a counselor/personal-cognitive-coach will allow you to work through challenging issues and navigate uncertainty in your personal life or career. As a result of coaching you will feel self-empowered and more self-confident, which will result in a happier, more productive life style.

Our mission at Psychomarker Consulting is to help individuals reach their full potential. We will assist you in realizing your personal strengths and reaching your goals.

With pleasure we invite you to make our acquaintance.

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Health - Quality - Happiness - Well-Being - Growth - Inner Strength

“Whenever you change the way you look at things; the things, the people, the situations you look at, will change.

You shift your focus and magic is about to happen.
Those are the moments, most perfect.

Let me teach you. Let me show you!” ~ J.L. Daemen

Mindful Moments - Positivity - Magic Moments

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Everyone needs Insights and Inspiration

to Rise to Their Greatest Life.

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“Today is a brand new day and it’s Yours!
Let’s have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea together.” ~ J.L. Daemen

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